Thursday, February 5, 2009

Prediction 2009 (Feng Shui)

PIG - Average poor year
Intro: There is only 1 lucky star and 2 bad stars.

It is not going to be a good year and career is going to be slow and full of obstacles. Since you will be very free in the Ox year be thankful that there is a job for you. Relax and enjoy the year or go attend some courses and pick up a new skill.

Money & Work:
This year the money luck is slow and you may loose money if not careful. So no major investments, buying a new house or gambling.
There is fame for you though and you will be more popular.

Health is generally good however you are still advise to exercise often and to take your vitamins everyday

Love & family:
If married, spend more time with your spouse in whatever method that work for both of you.

If single, just wait till the year to be over because this year, there is no romance in the charts.

Aku saje suka2x..jgn korang percaya..lain jadinya..


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